Our Mission

At JSM, we are here for you. Purchasing insurance is easy with the right guidance, but using it effectively and understanding it during a claim is very different. Whether you’re a homeowner reporting a pipe burst or a new driver reporting their first accident – we want to help you.


We have aligned ourselves with certain coverage selection practices and outside organizations to fully support our customers, start to finish, with the insurance purchasing process as well as claims handling. Here are some examples of how we keep our strategy in motion:

  • Seeking and securing NEW insurance providers.
  • Maintaining a high standard for quality service.
  • Providing professional advice on coverage and claims reporting.
  • Recommending restoration companies for severe loss situations
  • Connecting insureds with highly regarded public adjusters.
  • Promoting relationships with elite realtors, contractors, attorneys, and accountants for real estate (and other) transactions. 
  • Aiding in procuring marine surveyors, Captains, crew, marine dealers, and more for boat and yacht owners. 

Our experience

Marine Insurance 100%
Homeowners Insurance 100%
Automotive Insurance 100%
Business Insurance 100%

Why JSM Brokerage?

Looking for the right coverage to protect your family and assets? You’ve come to the right place! Our team works to organize your policies and explain the essential coverages that specifically work to your advantage as an individual or business owner. Communication is the key to knowing what you have versus what you need – and with JSM, your agent will work to find you the right package.

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Understanding insurance is only one piece of the puzzle in risk management. Ideally, everyone wants the best coverage and the most comprehensive plan. Offering multiple options at affordable pricing is another puzzle piece that completes the picture. We know that cost is a factor and have taken the steps to secure plenty of A rated, admitted, quality insurance carriers so we can explore all options and find the best pricing available.

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JSM is known for offering excellent customer service, quality coverage, and affordable pricing. What most people do not know is that our staff is prepared for unique situations where we need to think outside of the box to make coverage and pricing work for our clients. Ask us about our specialty

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About Us

JSM Brokerage is a leader in providing quality protection for thousands of individuals, families, and businesses. Based out of New York but licensed in several states throughout the Country; our team has the knowledge to navigate the market quickly and appropriately. Providing superior customer service and low rates along with our ability to understand our customer’s coverage needs drives the success of our agency.

By offering exceptional protection for your auto, home, marine, life, business, and health insurance, we make sure that you’re covered so you can focus on what is important to you and your family. At JSM Brokerage, our number one priority is to assist you in identifying your pain point in coverage and cost, while putting together a customized plan that is simple, affordable, and easy to understand.

With a combined insurance industry experience of over 100+ years, you can rest assured knowing our staff can provide customized coverage to meet your needs.

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